We are a community of creative with a knack for excellence in customer satisfaction, we create masterpieces for every design need. We use interactive visuals that speaks to the minds of your client and desired audience. Our designs visually reflects our clients thought for self, business or organization or community. We ensure customer satisfaction and prompt delivery of products and services.

About Us

For you to create a strong brand that means you need to create a strong visual identity, and that is where we come in. Together we can create every element that is essential for your brand; from logo, typography, photography and print.

Inspired by your product or service, we can create a story that best describes your brand.

We can help you with all your design and marketing needs.

Our goal is to ensure clients achieve visual success in portraying their brand across all media channels…beautifully, artistically and effectively. The end result being a unique, visual work of art that clients will be proud of time and time again.

We always try to maintain a balanced relationship between You and Us. At ARTENTOPIA we are a family and we try to extend that relationship to You.

We ensure prompt service delivery, excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Graphics Design

It is all about you...your business...your identity...your brand. Your business, whether already existing or new, wants clients and a lot of them, Our job is to make that happen with the aid of great visuals and contents that represents you on all fronts.

Brand Identity

Apart from a name, your business or organisation needs a face,
a personality, a visual outlook, this is where we come in, to help you create that identity, that presence, that impact necessary to put your
clients and prospectives at the edge of their sits, in wait for a first hand experience of your service.

Print Design

We can reach an agreement that in this digital age, Print design is a powerful business tool.. There will always be a need for business cards, flyers and other print forms for promoting your company’s products or services.

Event Planning

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Arts & Illustration

Art is self expression...with the use of strokes and splatters we produce visuals that transform your stories into masterpieces. You can also find in our possession artworks to beautify and adorn your wall spaces.

Black Artitude (Clothing)

People say, "you are addressed the way you are dressed”, that’s why we have decided to infuse our love for arts and design into making you look good, with great designs, quality products and a touch of excellence.

Creative Writing

With the right words, you can convince the hardest of hearts to buy into whatever you are selling...let us help you tell your story, a word at a time. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us help you with the narrative. your thoughts, our words your story.

Motion Graphics

Sometimes we strife to intensify our reach by adding motion and sound to already existing or new graphic images. We will help you through the process, from logo animation, to promo videos, to video edits, to product ads and more.

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